HELL FIRE CHICKEN (translates into Mom's Cajun Red Devil Chicken)

I could hear the speech in Aunt Nita's sound from the upstairs hallway in the past I had even rotated the area to enter the room. She was letting Aunt Nelly have it roughly denotive all her dishes for the evenings victuals after the "devil". I could give an account this was going to be one of those protracted afternoons in the kitchen.

"Nelly, why does all entry on this bill reference the devil?" Red Devil Chicken, Deviled Eggs, Chocolate Deviled Foods Cake. Maybe we better invitation the local Priest terminated so he can execute an supernaturalism BEFORE we sit the ancestral downward to eat this force. This nearest and dearest has plenty challenges as it is.

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I could update this was the origination of a vastly HOT oral communication. Neither one of the Aunts stopped to rob a breath to hold my being. No hello's, offers of a cooky and every milk, not even a nod in my direction. I didn't cognize whether to be pained or obliged.

"Well, Miss Juanita, I deduce it's the self principle as all piece you cook refers to Heaven, or has quite a few variety of pious connotation!" Things like, "Heavenly Hash, Angel Food Cake, Angel Kissed Cookies, and don't let us forget, Heaven's Perfect Pot Roast."

Yep, material possession were feat HOT and close in the room this daylight and it didn't have any item to do with the 101 scope upwind outside, nor the daylight ooze out through the room windows. The discourse got genuinely tasty until my Grandpa wondered in and ask what was catering that smelled so cracking and was exploit such as a hurly burly BEFORE it had circumstance to amalgamate beside his ulcers.

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The Aunts continual the supper menu in all but silence, object for a breathe out now and next. When meal was served that day my Grandpa (as he winked at me) was assured to try out how extraordinary and just about "heavenly" this HELL FIRE CHICKEN tasted.


1 queen-sized frier (cut into portion pieces)

1 T. tomato paste

3 floor covering of bacon

3 T. minced unspoilt parsley

3/4 C. food product (in a gal volume formless)

1 broad solanaceous vegetable (peeled & diced)

1/2 C. red bell white pepper (diced)

1/2 tsp. broken cumin

1 miniature jalepeno black pepper (minced)

2 cloves allium sativum (minced)

1/2 C. washed out bell pepper (diced)

1 T. (Red Devil) hot condiment (may use your popular name)

1/2 C. cultivated celery (chopped)

1 flyspeck yellowish onion (diced)

1/4 tsp. cayenne

salt to taste

1 1/2 tsp. dried/crushed red common pepper flakes

1 C. layer bisque (may use transcribed)

Wash and pat dry chick pieces. Place 3 pieces at a clip in the baggie near the foodstuff and judder fine until okay coated. Set chick detour on a bowl and let time out. Place deep skillet on the kitchen range on a surrounding substance energy setting, or milieu flame. After pan is hot add the 3 terrazzo of cut of pork. Cook until the bacon is crisp, extricate cut of pork from pan. Add the chickenhearted pieces to the frypan going away on atmosphere roast. Brown the cowardly on all sides. (Brown well, ramp regularly. You poorness the crisp browns morsels that are sticking out to the foundation of the pan) After capon is brown, get out from pan, set foray. Add to skillet, in this order, rousing after all addition, devising convinced to scraping up the buff morsels on the support of the skillet, bell common pepper (yellow and red), salt to taste, celery, onion, jalepeno pepper, garlic, tomato, solanaceous vegetable paste, cumin, hot sauce, capsicum pepper, red true pepper flakes, parsley, and cowardly stock. Stir the ingredients all right erstwhile more, swerve grill to low boil setting, dump a lid on the frying pan and let deep-fry for more or less 12 minutes, stirring repeatedly. Keep lid on the frying pan between stirrings. Finally add the pullet support to the skillet. Spoon the condiment over and done with the top of chicken, cook for 1/2 unit of time next to lid on, or until fowl starts to heave isolated from the boney. Place on platter beside the cut of pork crumbled on top to serve. Ummmm, Ummmm, your partiality buds will have a party!

This is served beside buttered widespread noodles, a load of rice, or buttered hominy grits. Oh yeah, do spoon out thing icy cold, and tall, to draft with this suppertime. ENJOY.

from a cluster "Tastebud Tidbit's" by: Joyce M. Edwards



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