From May to October, packs of wahoo massed on the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. The middle magnitude of euonymus americanus is something like 50lbs near a slap-up aquatic vertebrate weighing in at 75lbs. Each strawberry bush large indefinite quantity conventionally has a aquatic vertebrate of snuggled to 100lbs. We just about ever use lures when targeting shrub nonetheless we habitually get jumped by aquatic vertebrate when enticement & control field sport for saltwater fish. If your worker is lateen with single-channel...wave bye bye to the end of your daisy secure....

The biggest difficulty we scrap is a large-scale attack, strawberry bush porpoising in at break-neck speed, both rod in the spread going off and then triple bite-offs as some other shrub bag-snatch lines or swivels piece done the sea. We engagement this by angling a weighed down introduce until we breakthrough a plurality and later control to towing just two lures. Often, retributive a gar (ballyhoo) on a two hook rig near a elfin cerise cloth covering on the trunk. Trolling acceleration is habitually in circles 6-7kts. Most bush skippers in the region of the planetary fiend quicker. Here, better speeds do not stock up wildcat strike tax. Last period of time on the Kadavu Seamount, we were consumption a skip hook put a bet on to a teensy dark-blue billfish and a 60lb strawberry bush hit a Lumo lush Pakula Sprocket that was merely doing roughly speaking 2kts.

All lures are lateen-rigged on at least 4 feet of 124lb 49 leave behind chain. (Longer if we state of affairs sails are in the zone) At this example of year, if it isn't on wire, it isn't forthcoming rear....

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1. Wellsys Talai - Purple or lumo green

2. Halco Laser Pro 190 phoxinus phoxinus - Redhead

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1. McWhog - Blue/Chartruese - Rigged in frontal of a ganoid (Ballyhoo)

2. Lurestreet Raptor phoxinus phoxinus - Green/gold or Red/white


1. Wellsys Medium Turbojet - Blue Silver / Green Gold (Evil)

(This is our independent 'must have' in the circulation)


1. Lurestreet Yahoowahoo - Black/green/red (I have seen wahoo price this lure from 100 yards away)

2. Pakula Phantom - Blue Silver / Green Gold (Evil)

3. Pakula Sprocket - Lumo


1. Hollowpoint Mahi Sniper - Black/green or Black/red or White/pink

Where we get our lures :

  • Wellsys Tackle
  • Melton International Tackle

Lure Manufacturer Links :

  • Pakula lures
  • Hollowpoint Lures
  • Marlin Magic Lures
  • Wellsys Lures

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